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Walk Revival Road With Us

A diversified, regenerative, reparative agricultural enterprise

Book a retreat or event with us, catered to your group! 


After combined decades of working on educational farms, in food systems and hospitality, we have started Revival Road Farm together!


In 2024 Revival Road Farm will be leasing land from New Entry Sustainable Farming Project in Beverly MA. 


Our Philosophy.

Regenerative agriculture principles guide all of our practices. We work to leave the land better than we found it, increase organic matter, create healthy biodiversity on site, grow without chemicals and always farm with the next 7 generations in mind.

Our Mission

Our Mission.

Revival Road Farm strives to re-awaken soil health, connection of people with earth and revive joy and celebration on the land.


We steward a bio-intensive farm with specialty food crops, herbs and flowers. We also keep bees and will add some micro/small livestock production over the years. 

We market primarily to restaurants, caterers and specialty food outlets in the Boston area where we have deep relationships and explore other outlets across New England.

We host on-site programming which is core to our mission and who we are as farmers. We can provide small events invitational dinners, cocktail hours, small retreats and other educational and healing programming. We are deeply committed to creating a healing, nurturing, joyous space.

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